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Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS), Rajshahi is a Bangladesh Government Organization under Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC).

BAEC itself is Commission set by presidential order to exploit the peaceful use of Atomic energy and working under Ministry of Science and Technology. INMAS, Rajshahi is the most familiar & reliable institution in the greater Rajshahi. Already it has obtained the dignity of ‘‘Institute of excellence.’’ It is best one of the 14 INMAS around the country.

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Mission & Vision

Diagnostic : Therapeutic : Academic : Research : Development

    With the vision to render specialized medical services to the people of greater Rajshahi using nuclear technology, the institute (INMAS) was first established in 09/08/1972 with a small extent in Radiology & Imaging department of RMCH campus in the name as Nuclear Medicine Centre. Subsequently it was shifted to own building in 1992. Initially the centre started with one single head Gamma camera & one ultrasound machine. In 2001, the centre renamed as Centre for Nuclear Medicine & ultrasound. With new equipment & establishment of in vitro laboratory added a new dimension in this centre. It is now situated beside of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital in 2-storied building in its own campus as named of Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied sciences (INMAS). With the modern state of art single & duel head SPECT cameras the institute is now capable of performing most modern nuclear imaging. In addition, with modern ultrasound machine & in-vitro laboratory services this institute has now become the most attractive as a centre of excellence to the people of the greater Rajshahi region. Keeping with over increasing importance of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) the institute has projected to establish a PET-CT center.
    For the next ten to fifteen years tremendous development is expected in the field of nuclear medicine therapy and targeted radionuclide therapy, radiopharmacy, PET radiopharmaceuticals, nuclear oncology, pediatric nuclear medicine, nuclear nephrology, nuclear cardiology. To meet the future challenge in the field of nuclear medicine, our targets are:

  • 1. Expansion of diagnostic & therapeutic capability
  • 2. Increase of academic & Research activities and
  • 3. Development of the Human resource


Investigations available in INMAS, Rajshahi!


Central Nervous System Imaging, Gastrointestinal Tract Scintigraphy, Imaging of Skeletal System,Lymphoscinitgraphy etc.

Ultrasound & CD

General Purpose & High Resolution B-Mode, Doppler, Transrectal, Transvaginal, Biopsy, Aspiration.


Thyroid Uptake test, Thyroid scan, Ultra sonogram, In-vitro tests, .

Nuclear Nephrology

DTPA Renogram, Captopril Renogram, Renal Cortical imaging/DMSA Planar & SPECT Scintigraphy, Quantitation of Renal Function, DTPA Renogram and GFR

CA Thyroid

CA Thyroid is available here.


About 300 new patients of thyrotoxicosis are given I-131 therapy after proper evaluation in every year and under proper guideline.

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